Coach Christine Wunderlin and Ms. C-Jay take you on a journey of understanding, healing, recovery and restoration as they speak with experts in the field, survivors of cancer, and those afflicted with Lymphedema; a common cancer side effect. Hear personal stories, medical information, and strategies to live a fuller more enjoyable life. Learn about advocacy in progress to change the laws regarding treatments, and how you can help. The Mavens are on it!!

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The Lymphedema Mavens - 01/29/16 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Dr Rebecca Alleyne is a board certified general surgeon and fellow of the American College of Surgeons who specializes in breast care. She is a Los Angeles native and graduate of UCLA's bachelor's degree program. See attended medical school at Howard University and completed a surgical residency at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, NY. From there she went on to a fellowship in breast cancer surgery at the University of Southern California. In 2014 she earned a Masters in Health Administration at USC. Dr. Alleyne is very passionate about tailoring breast cancer treatment plans to each patient's needs and enjoys working with cancer doctors in other specialties to ensure each patient gets the best care possible. When she is not at work she enjoys hiking, bicycling and spending quality time with her family in Los Angeles

The Lymphedema Mavens - 01/08/16 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
On this edition, Ms Cjay flies solo with Producer Millian, and guest Elaine Eigeman who discusses the latest movements of the Lymphedema Treatment act as it has now moved into both houses of Congress. Hear about how to get involved, how to contact your elected officials, and what to say to help move this bill forward

The Lymphedema Mavens - 07/17/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
On this edition, the Mavens discuss primary Lymphedema in Children, featuring the story of Lisa and Alexis Clark, a 14-year old with primary LD, and later Nancy Vee from EZ Medical Wraps

The Lymphedema Mavens - 07/10/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
On this edition, the Mavens talk in studio about Ms Cjays recent diagnosis of uterine cancer, the upcoming robotic surgery and experimental lymph node procedure she will be undergoing. The Mavens update you on the latest of everything and the plan going forward

The Lymphedema Mavens - 05/29/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Becky Sharp, a breast cancer survivor and lymphedema patient, joins the Mavens today to discuss the topic of forming a Lymphedema Support in Tennessee, an presenting at the Patient Summit in September 2015

The Lymphedema Mavens - 04/24/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Executive Director of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group, Heather Ferguson, updates the Mavens on the status of the Lymphedema Treatment Act.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 04/18/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Ms. Cjay travels to Grand Junction, Co to speak at the Lymphedema Ed-awareness Day, in conjunction with the Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation. Hear the audio live from the conference as the Mavens bring about awareness and provide information

The Lymphedema Mavens - 04/10/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Amy Santiago, Miss Central Florida International 2015, joins the Mavens today to discuss her situation dealing with primary Lymphedema, and her advocacy work. The Mavens update you on the latest legislation in process, and the latest events in support of Lymphedema Awareness and treatment.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 03/20/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Robin Miller from the National Lymphedema Network and Co-founder of LympheDivas joins the Mavens today to discuss her life with Lymphedema, and working in the area of Lymphedema Advocacy.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 02/27/15 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Cindy Lichtenhahn from Lifeline Foundation in COlorado, joins Christine and Cjay to talk about the benefits of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

The Lymphedema Mavens - 11/07/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens speak today with Sarah Bramblette. Sarah is a Lipedema and Lymphedema patient who combines her experiences as a patient and healthcare administrative professional in her advocacy efforts. She writes about her life experiences on her blog, and utilizes multiple social media platforms to spread awareness about her conditions and to advocate for improved diagnosis, treatment, and insurance coverage. She also advocates against weight bias and stigma, specifically in healthcare and the workplace

The Lymphedema Mavens - 10/25/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens speak today with Dr Nancy Hutchinson to discuss the surgery options and therapy that are available to treat and manage Lymphedema.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 10/23/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens return to the airwaves to discuss the latest in their fight against Lymphedema, and provide updates on the treatments and legislation. Dr. James Tate also visits with the ladies, to talk about treatment options that are becoming available in medical practices.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 05/23/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens welcome Susan Callison from Solidea Lymphadema Compression Garments. As a breast cancer survivor, Susan speaks on these special compression garments, and her personal story of survival.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 05/02/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens welcome Jennifer Hovater on the program today, who took a tragedy in her life, and turned it into something powerful for Lymphedema patients. Jennifer shares her amazing story, and the steps she has taken to develop new services and treatments in her area.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 04/17/14 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
The Mavens return to the air after a long hiatus! On this edition of the program, Producer Millian and Ms. Cjay chat with Heather Ferguson who updates the audience on the current status and progress of the Lymphedema Treament Act.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 08/15/13 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Christine and Ms. Cjay speak today about the ongoing work needed for services for those dealing with Lymphedema and related situations. Todays program is a conversation about the needs that must be met.

The Lymphedema Mavens - 08/02/13 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Sheila Ridner, Phd and Assistant professor at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Center for Research Development and Scholarship, joins the Mavens today to speak about advances and findings in Lymphedema Research

The Lymphedema Mavens - 07/17/13 - [ Tweet This Episode ]
Dr. Nancy Hutchison visits with the Mavens today to speak on the topic of head and neck Lymphedema

NOTE: This is the 20 Most Recent Episodes from The Lymphedema Mavens. For the complete listing of episodes, visit this link:

The Lymphedema Mavens

Hosted By: Coach Christine Wunderlin and Ms C-Jay

The Lymphedema Mavens
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